Thursday, December 31, 2009

Download Old Partner Movie

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To call an ancient, slow-moving, nameless ox the hero of the film would be a slight distortion, since the only actions he performs are the ones that have defined his daily existence for more than 30 years. He ruminates. He pulls a plow and occasionally a cart, moving with exquisite slowness as the world goes rushing by. His body is bony and massive, and his face is a perpetual enigma, expressing steadfastness, resignation or, more likely, a state of bovine consciousness beyond the ken of humans.

Not that this ox, thought to be the oldest in South Korea, is a stranger to people. On the contrary, he is the longtime companion of an elderly farming couple, Choi Won-kyun and Lee Sam-soon. Older than most of their nine children, the ox has shared their daily round of work and rest, a utilitarian arrangement that turns out to be surprisingly complicated. In his quiet, unassuming way, the animal sits at the apex of a love triangle, serving Mr. Choi as a helpmate and confidant and representing, to Ms. Lee, a rival for her husband’s devotion.

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