Thursday, December 31, 2009

Download The Chaser Movie

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Ever since the release,
Download The Chaser has attracted millions of people around the world. The whole credit of The Chaser’s success goes to its very unique storyline, characters and way of representation. Here’s a brief view of the storyline of the series We've all been there before, right? You live alone in a palatial Santa Barbara house with a kitchen that you constantly want to renovate even though it features two ovens. Your kids have grown up and moved on with their lives but they're magically back home all the time, wandering around sleepy in pajamas or hosting parties at their own tastefully decorated beige homes. Your ex-husband left you for a younger woman but still makes charming conversation with you at oceanside parties, your handsome architect will wait around like a puppydog until your next date, and a trip to New York is as easy as booking two rooms at a gorgeous Park Avenue hotel.

Directed by Hong-jin Na, The Chaser stars Yun-suk Kim as Jung-ho, a disgraced ex-cop who has turned his hand to pimping and now runs a stable of girls in Seoul's red-light district. When his escorts keep disappearing, Jung-ho suspects the worst, unaware that he has just sent his best girl (Yeong-hee Seo as Mi-jin) straight into the hands of creepy serial killer Young-min (Jung-woo Ha).

When he realises his mistake, Jung-ho tracks down the killer, but Mi-jin is nowhere to be seen. Worse, the police can't hold Young-min without evidence (despite his confession), so Jung-ho frantically searches for Mi-jin – not knowing whether she's alive or dead - before the police are forced to release the killer.etc.

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