Saturday, November 21, 2009

Download Planet 51 Movie

Picture One can only speculate that too many cooks were part of the problem, as this meager effort credits three directors, four idea men and 13 executive producers. It isn’t even that the central concept is bad: An American astronaut arrives on a planet he believes is uninhabited, only to find a civilization startlingly similar to ’50s small-town Middle America, right down to the paranoia about imminent alien invasion.

The problem doesn’t lie in the reversal of the cliche, but in the fact that the picture trades in nothing but them. The astronaut, Capt. Charles “Chuck” Baker (voice by Dwayne Johnson), is a red-headed, red-blooded he-man, while the locals, beginning with lowly planetarium worker Lem (Justin Long), are mostly dweeby types who resemble “Shrek”-green humans who make up in moppy hair and forehead antennae what they lack in noses. Chuck and Lem initially freak each other out before the latter helps protect the former from zealous know-nothings, led by imperious Gen. Grawl (Gary Oldman) and so-smart-he’s-crazy Professor Kipple (John Cleese), who can’t wait to separate Chuck from his brain for scientific purposes.

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