Saturday, November 7, 2009

Download The Box Movie

Watch & Download The Box Movie

Watching horror movies is the best experience, one can ever have. And The Box is another heavy dosage for the horror movie lovers. All the way through this website you all can get it just like a piece of cake. Here we offer DVD picture and sound quality to all our subscribers. Here you can watch The Box online or can download The Box as well. An additional thing that also fascinates everyone is that the downloaded movie can be burnt into CDs with DVD quality. This website also provides faster downloading and buffering speed to all its subscribers. However, safety is also one important feature that attracts users towards this website. The combination of quality, speed and safety makes it the ultimate destination for all those who have a strong desire to get The Box in their PCs. So what are you al waiting for guys? Just go through an easy and simple subscription process to access the huge collection of the mind blowing website.
Plot : Directed by Richard Kelly, The Box is a movie about a couple who receives a mysterious gift. Norma and Arthur Lewis are gifted a strange box and are informed by a stranger that it will bestow its owner with $1 million upon pressing a button. DOWNLOAD THE BOX MOVIE But there is a darker side to the gift, which claims the life of some unknown person at the press of the button. With only 24 hours to possess the box they are tempted to use the box to arrange the money for the treatment of their ailing son. The true nature of their humanity is put to test as they find themselves entangled in the startling moral dilemma.


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