Saturday, November 21, 2009

Download Broken Embraces Movie

Picture There’s often something charmingly eccentric about the English titles of Pedro Almodóvar’s films, as if Spain’s greatest living director spent just a few minutes pondering their translation with the aid of an online Spanish-English dictionary. ‘Live Flesh’? What exactly is that? ‘Bad Education’? The Spanish means ‘Bad Manners’ or ‘Ill Bred’. And now ‘Broken Embraces’. I’m not sure what they are either, although having seen Almodóvar’s seventeenth film twice, what’s clear is that the Broken Embracese reflects the feeling of watching it: it pulls you in and repels you, pulls you in and repels you. After over two hours of flirtation and rejection (this is Almodóvar’s longest film), it finally resolves itself into a beautiful love letter to cinema and its glorious potential, but not without exploring the darker side of the medium and how a film can so easily slip through its maker’s fingers.

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